Halloween ’14

On Friday the 31st of October we had our two Halloween Parties.The children got to experience our haunted house with gunge pits, dooking for apples, magic man and got to meet the animal man who had brought snakes, a spider, cockroaches and Iggy the Iguana!!!

Both parties were a great success, and fun was had by all the children, parents and even the staff.

We also announced the winners to our raffle, First prize went to Claire Munro who won a £100 shopping voucher for Braehead and a box of chocolates.  Second prize went to Nicola Nisbet who won a £50 shopping voucher and a box of chocolates and third prize went to L Rae who won a £25 shopping voucher and a box of chocolates.

Thanks to everyone who made it a spooktacular day! 🙂

All our lovely staff! DSC00213 DSC00214 DSC00216 DSC00218 DSC00219 DSC00220 DSC00221 DSC00225 DSC00226 DSC00228 DSC00230 DSC00233 DSC00234 DSC00235 DSC00236 DSC00238 DSC00239 DSC00242 DSC00243 DSC00244 DSC00245 DSC00246 DSC00247 DSC00249 Our Spooky Gunge Pit! DSC00251 Our creepy haunted house DSC00259 DSC00260 DSC00261 DSC00262 DSC00265 DSC00267 DSC00268 DSC00269 Our mascots saying goodbye to all the boys and girls DSC00275 DSC00278 DSC00280 DSC00281 DSC00287 DSC00292 DSC00298